When God Knows “Little”

When God Knows “Little”

Read Matthew 6:7-8; 15-34; 10:26-31

“Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him”

How easily we forget. We forget the grocery list we were supposed to take. We forget to return a call. We forget a password used to access a web site. Every day we are bombarded with little details and information that escape our notice and soon pass from our memory.

In Matthew, on three different occasions, Christ reminds his disciples of the extent of God knowledge of our life. So involved is he that there is not the smallest detail that he neglects to notice. In chapter 10:30 Christ comforts his anxious disciples. In doing so he reminds them that God is so involved in his creation that even the death of a single sparrow is noticed by Him. Then he takes it a step further by reminding us that even the very hairs on our head are all numbered. God not only counts the stars in the heaven, he counts the number of hairs we have. Christ points out that we are so valuable in the sight of God that he knows more about us than we know ourselves.

The second example of the extent of his knowledge is found in chapter 6:32. Here again Christ highlights the intimate knowledge of God by comparing his concern with the birds of the air and the grass of the field with his knowledge and concern for us. He knows what each need and he provides for them. If God does so for the smallest parts of creation that are here today and gone tomorrow, how much more will he care for us, whom he created in his image. God knows what we need and acts to provide for us.

The third statement we find in 6:8, that God knows our requests even before we ask him. The point that Christ is making is that God knows what we need even before we do. God is never reactive to the concerns we have, rather he is always proactive, responding to meet our need before we even are aware of it.

What these three statements serve to convey is that God’s knowledge of us is both personal and complete and reaches to the smallest detail. In each of these statements Christ brings home the same point: do not be fearful and gripped with anxiety. Four times in chapter 6 Christ says that in light of God’s intimate knowledge of every need, we do not need to worry. In Chapter 10, three times he reminds us not to live in fear. The reason is because Christ always knows what is happening in our life and he is actively involved. Our security is not found in circumstances, government bailouts, the stock market or even in ourselves and our own abilities. Our security is found in God. Consequently, we are not to allow the present struggles to cloud our eternal perspective. Instead of being anxious about our circumstances we can be focused on serving Christ. When you find yourself becoming anxious about the events of the day, remember God, because he remembers you.

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