We are called to be a witness.

We are called to be a witness.

Read Acts 1:1-8

"You will be my witnesses…."

There are times we all struggle to know and do the will of God. Sometimes in our desire to walk with God, we remain confused regarding what we are to do. While we desire to do the will of God, there are periods in our life when we lack clear direction. As a result, we can become stuck in the realm of spiritual paralysis, wanting to do God's will but not knowing what his specific will should be. What job offer should we take? Where should we serve him? What ministry should we become involved in?

When our understanding of God's specific plan for our life becomes cloudy, we need to go back and refocus upon what his will is as he revealed it in his world. While the Bible does not tell what decisions to make in every situation, the Bible does bring clarity to our life's overall direction. We know, for example, that we are always to obey his word and any action or attitude that contradicts God's word is outside his will, no matter how right it may feel. The same is true for our life goals and purpose. Not only are we called upon to worship and walk in obedience to God, but we are also called upon to be witnesses for him. In Acts 1:8, Jesus makes it abundantly clear that his purpose for our life is that we would be engaged in the advancement of his kingdom by being a witness for him.

God's ultimate will is that we become participants in his redemptive program for all humanity by being the conduit through which his gospel is communicated to people. This purpose is for all Christians of all ages, all occupations, backgrounds, and abilities. There is no great joy or purpose than this. While we may not always know his will in every situation, we do know his overarching goal for our life. Regardless of where we are at, what we are doing, and what decisions we are facing, we know that his purpose and will is that we are his witness in every circumstance and situation. When you are uncertain what direction to take in your life, pray for opportunities to share your faith, for in so doing, you will know that you are in the center of God's will.

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