The Unchanging God: The God who fulfills his purpose.

Read Isaiah 46:8-13

“Truly I have spoken; truly I will bring it to pass”

Having set forth the emptiness of our man-made gods, who are not only powerless to help us in our needs, but cannot even help themselves, God points us to his control of the universe and highlights his glorious works in the past. He does so by calling Israel to remember the past when the God had previously demonstrated his faithfulness to them even when they rebelled against him. In verse 8-9 God gives four commands. Twice in verses 8 and 9 he commands them to remember what he has done. He then commands them to “be assured,” that they are to stand upon what God has done. The fourth command is then the last line in verse 8 that they are to recall it to mind or take seriously what is being said. The fact that they were worshiping idol suggest that they were longer trusting in God to carry them or save them and fulfill his promises to them.

Because he does not change so his purpose for them does not change, he calls them to remember the past and be reminded that he is a God unparalleled in his power. Unlike the idol who cannot even care for themselves and are indifferent to the people worshipping them, God not only has a purpose for his people, but he has the power and ability to achieve that purpose. Because he is a God that does not change, he will still accomplish his plan for them (verses 10-11). Therefore, even though they have rebelled and distanced themselves from God, he is still near them and willing to bring salvation to them (verses 12-13).

God’s involvement in our life is more than just a cheerleader who shouts words of encouragement. From eternity past, he established a purpose for the universe and for our individual lives. That purpose is realized in our salvation and his desire to impart his righteousness and image in us. Because he established his purpose, we can have confidence in the present. There is nothing happening in the present that threatens or alters God’s redemptive plan for our life. Instead he orchestrates the events in such a way that the affect that circumstances have upon us is part of his grand design for us to move us in the direction of his redemptive goal. Consequently, we are just as secure today in God’s plan as we were before these events unfolded. If God changed, if circumstances altered his purpose, then we would have reason to fear for we would have no assurance that his plan for us will be accomplished. But because he is a God who does not and cannot change, we have the absolute confidence and peace that no matter what happens to us, he will accomplish his eternal goal of transforming us to be like Christ and carry the message to a lost word. Consequently, we no longer need to be apprehensive about today’s events.

When you find yourselves becoming anxious over the events outside your control, remember that he controls all things and he has a plan for your life that is certain and unchanging. God’s greatest desire is you would “know Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of your own, but that which is through faith in Christ, that you might know him and the power of his resurrection” (Phil. 3:8-11). Nothing can change or thwart that plan for those who walk in obedience to him.

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