The Unchanging God: The God who carries us.

The Unchanging God: The God who carries us.

Read Isaiah 46:3-7

“You who have been borne by Me from birth and have been carried from the womb, even to your old age I will be the same, and even to your graying years I will bear you!”

Israel was continually lured by the false gods of the people surrounding them. Part of our sin nature is that we desire to recreate gods that conform to our perspective. We want a God who agree with our thoughts and values. Such was the case of Israel. But in Isaiah 46:5-7 we find the folly of pursuing gods of our own creation. When we coincide God to our thinking, God becomes a powerless being. While we do not create a physical idol, like those in Isaiah’s day, in the end we are no different. Today we see people belittle prayer and instead place their trust in the god of human wisdom and ingenuity. We reject the moral standards of the God of the Bible to pursue the gods of sexuality and personal pleasure. We even sacrifice our children on the altar of personal choice and convenience. But any god who conforms to our views, is to small and powerless in the face of the onslaught of the issues we face in life. Just like the golden idols of Babylon, we may cry to them, but they cannot answer and cannot deliver us from our distress (vs 7).

In contrast the gods of our making is the God of Israel. He is the God who carries us from the womb until our old age and he remains the same, unchanging in his purpose and care for us (verse 4). God remains the same, unequaled in his being and might. The word “bear” has the idea of enduring something difficult whether on one’s behalf or on behalf of someone else.” In other words, God undertakes on our behalf and he takes our burdens and places them upon himself. Throughout our life, no matter what we are facing God, upholds and sustains us. Furthermore, he will deliver us, that is he saves us from any ruin, destruction or harm that may befall us. By repeating this promise, God provides further assurance that he will faithfully fulfill this pledge. Thus, we have the assurance that God’s care for us will never end and that his care is always available. His care stands in stark contrast to the idols that we create that are unable even to rescue themselves much less us.

Throughout the history of God’s people, we find continual examples when God provided his deliverance and care for his people. He sustained Abraham when he left his family in Ur to travel to the unknown region of God’s choosing. He carried Joseph through his rejection by his family, slavery, and imprisonment. He delivered David when Saul was seeking his life. He provided spiritual protection for the disciples when they were thrown into confusion when Christ was arrested and crucified. When we see the great acts of God caring for his people it is easy for us to think that these events only occurred in bible times and that God does not act the same today. But in verse 4 he gives us the assurance that God doesn’t change and the same God who acted on behalf of his people in the bible is the same God who acts on our behalf today. No matter what happens in the world today, we have the assurance that the unchanging God is still upholding us with his unseen hand. When you start becoming fearful, rest in his unchanging promise and character.

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