The Righteousness of God: The Standard of Right and Wrong

The Righteousness of God: The Standard of Right and Wrong.

Read Psalm 33

“He loves righteousness and justice”

For years, the determination for weights and measurements was arbitrary at best. When someone would purchase milk from a local farmer there was implied a recognized definition of what the measurement would be. But there was no consistent definition. How people would measure a gallon of milk in one area might be radically different from how they would determine a gallon in another. It was not until Louis A. Fischer; Chief of the Metrology Division of the National Bureau of Standards published a paper in the First Annual Meeting of the Scalers of Weights and Measurements that there was a formation of a recognized standard for determining weights and measurements. Because of the influence of his paper, he became known as the father of modern weights and measurements control today.

While Louis A. Fischer established the foundation for a consistent Standard of Weights and Measurements, we are faced with a more critical question today. We live in a time when morality and the definition of right and wrong is constantly and radically shifting. In the last 30 years our culture has seen a dramatic shift in defining what is right and wrong. What was once taboo thirty years ago is now regarded as acceptable and normal. Today, some of the most popular shows on cable TV display content that previously would have been considered softcore pornography, available only in seedy adult books stores. In today’s upside-down world, wrong has become right and right has become wrong.

In this age of moral chaos, is there a standard for right and wrong, or is morality determined merely by the latest polls or the tweet of the most popular “social influencer?” The answer is yes, for the standard of right and wrong is not grounded in the evolving opinions of people but in the eternal and unchanging character of God. The Psalmist, in Psalm 33, invites us to join with him in a musical anthem of praise to God for he loves righteousness and justice. Not that God just upholds the standard of righteousness, but that he is righteousness. In other words, he is the standard of right and wrong. By Him all morality is measured and governed.

God is not only the source and standard of righteousness, he always acts according to what is right. When we are facing the struggles of life and encountering deeply painful experiences, we can begin to question the righteousness of God. How can he be righteous and just when heaven seem silent in response to the suffering of the innocent? Why does God not act on our behalf? These are not just hypothetical questions, but ones that shake the very foundation of our faith. This brings us back to the heart of faith and trust in God. Because righteousness is intrinsic to his nature, we have the assurance that God always acts in accordance with what is right. His character is righteous, so it follows that he is always righteous in his plans and the execution of his plans. We may not fully understand it at the moment, but we know that his perspective, which is often different from ours, is perfect and right and his actions are always correct and in conformity to his righteous plan. Faith is not the ability to always see God’s purpose and plan, but the ability to trust him even we cannot see. Faith is living with the knowledge that God always does what is right even when it seems wrong from our perspective. This week, as you feel the pressures of the day and find yourself questioning God, offer up an anthem of praise that he is righteous and so his actions are always correct and true.


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