The Power of God: The Sustaining Power of Christ

The Power of God: The Sustaining Power of Christ

Read Col. 1:15-20

“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together”

What sustains us when our world seems to be falling apart? What hope do we have when life becomes broken, chaotic and disintegrating around us? It seems that today we face threats to our existence on a global level: The Coronavirus, global warming, nuclear war, terrorism, poverty, just to name a few. But we also face threats to our personal wellbeing: economic collapse, the loss of a job, illness and death, crime, and the list could go on. These are real issues and life altering events. So, in a world of insecurity and threat where do we turn to for our security?

In Colossians 1:15-20, Paul a kaleidoscope view of the person and work of Christ. Beginning with his deity and preeminence Paul reminds us that Christ was not a mere man who was a wise religious teacher, rather he was the visible expression of the invisible God—He is God himself who became flesh for us to see, hold, identify with and follow. He is the creator of the universe and all humanity. Creation was not the work of arbitrary chance, but the activity of an infinitely powerful and wise triune God, in which the Father accomplished the work creation through the person of Christ and created all things for Christ. Christ not only stands at the beginning of Christ as the one preeminent and the source of all life, he also stands at the end of creation as the goal of all creation and history. But he also is involved in the “in between” for he is the one who brings salvation to people and through him we reconciled back to the Father.

But it is verse 17 that we find the hope and answer for all the threats to our existence. Paul states that in him all things hold together that is he keeps all the individual parts of creation functioning together as a whole. What hold the universe together is not indifferent laws of physics, it is not some philosophical ideal, but a Person: Christ himself. The planets move through space in routine order, weather continues to bring water to our world, the cells in our body continue to function because of the power and person of Christ. This gives us confidence when it seems that the world is falling apart (both globally and personally). When we trust in chance, physics or even human wisdom, the result will only bring fear, for what happens when they fail? But when we recognize that we have an eternal, infinitely wise and powerful God sustaining us we have confidence and hope. When it seems as if our own personal world is falling apart because of circumstances beyond our control, we have confidence that the one who sustains our world and our individual lives is never threatened by any circumstance. When life seeming out of control, remember there is one that is still in control and has the power to sustain us in the darkest of times if we just trust in him. When we trust in him, he puts the broken pieces back together and brings order and purpose back to our life. In him, fear is replaced by faith.

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