The Power of God: The Creative Power of God

The Power of God: The Creative Power of God

Read Psalm 8

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers…What is man that You take thought of him?”

One of the hobbies I enjoy is night photography—capturing the Milky Way as it spans across the heavens. One of the reasons that It is enjoyable is that the camera captures the light and stars that my human eye cannot. While I can see a brush of the haze of the Milky Way, as it passes, I cannot see the magnitude of the starts and the details of the galactic center as it raises above the horizon. The other reason I enjoy it so much is that it reminds me of the infinite smallness of humanity in the face of such eternity. Not only does the lens give us a glimpse into the millions of stars that compose the Milky Way, but if you look close enough you can even see the oval shape of the nearest Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, that is a mere 2.5 million light years away. So, when I look into the heavens, I not only see the stars, I see a glimpse of creation itself.

But my experience of awe in the face of such expanse was also experienced by David. One can image David sitting on a rock at night, out in the pastures as he carefully guarded the flock of his father, contemplating the wonder of heaven and creation itself. In a thrilling awareness of God’s creative power, David raises his anthem of praise to the Creator, “How majestic is Your name in all the earth who have displayed Your splendor above the Heavens!” He stands in awe of God of the omnipotent God who displayed such creative power merely with the work of his fingers. For all the wonders and expanse of heavens, it was merely the finger play of God. So great is the power of God compared to the universe, that Isaiah states that the vastness of the universe could fit in the mere palm of God (Isaiah 40:12). What an incredible and powerful God. While the universe reduces humanity to an infinitely small speck, it can be measure by God with merely his hand!

Having been given a glimpse into the infinite power of God, David then is awestruck that such a powerful God would show special attention to us. But even more wonderous than God’s attention riveted upon us, is the fact that he imprinted his image upon us. What value, worth, and dignity he has bestowed upon each of us: from the smallest baby in the womb of a mother, to the broken elderly on the doorstep of death, to each individual in between. What a reminder it is, that in the midst of all the events going on around us, we have the Creative God watching over us. Today, instead of becoming apprehensive in the circumstances surrounding us, marvel at the majestic glory of an all-powerful God who envelops us with his care.

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