The Love of God: His Inseparable Love

The Love of God: His Inseparable Love

Read Romans 8:31-39

“Who will separate us from the Love of Christ?”

Romans 8 provides great insight into God’s redemptive work even in the midst of the struggles we face in life. In verse 18, Paul concludes that the suffering of the present pale in comparison to the unfathomable glory awaiting us in heaven. While all of creation presently suffers under the destructive effects of a broken world, it is only temporary, for there will come a time when all things will be fully renewed. This gives us confidence in the face of the trials we encounter in the present for we know that he is orchestrating his plan in such a way that everything accomplishes an eternal purpose. This gives us our hope and confidence, for if God is on our side, then there nothing can destroy us.

As we read through this passage, we find two indisputable facts upon which Paul rests his faith. First, his confidence is grounded in the person of Christ who died for us to free from us from any condemnation. This work of Christ provides for us the proof of God’s care and concern for us.

The second reason for Paul’s confidence, and the one that we want to focus upon, is the abiding love of Christ. Through Christ, we have the assurance that nothing can separate us from the love of God. The word “separate” has the idea of something that would isolate or cause an estrangement from another. Currently we are in a period of forced isolation. Who would have guessed that the smallest particle, one the eye cannot see, would be the cause of one of the greatest social isolations and relational distancing in modern history. However, in contrast to our personal relationships, which can be threated and destroyed by our own actions, the actions of others, or even circumstances beyond our control, there is nothing that causes any distance between ourselves and the loving Father.

Paul, in verse 35, looks at all the suffering we encounter in life, from distress to the attacks of others, and yet he remains certain that they are not a threat to God’s love for us. In verse 38-39, Paul expands this search to the whole universe. He gives a litany of superpowers we might encounter in the universe, yet none of them are a threat to the attentive love of Christ. Apart from God himself, angels are the most powerful beings God created, yet they are powerless to come between us and the God who loves us. Likewise, death, with its inescapable certainty, is incapable of causing even a fleeting separation in our relationship with God. Even time, which continues to march relentlessly forward, bringing constant change, is insufficient to change God’s love. Not even hell itself can alter his love. While each of these may destroy and separate us from our family and friends and those most dear to us, they remain impotent to loosen the grip of his love for us.

As we struggle with social isolation, we have the assurance that there is one who remains constantly by our side, one who is closer than a brother, who loves and cares for us immeasurably more than we can imagine. While we may long for human companionship and the fellowship with others, we still have the confidence that God love us completely and continually. At every moment we are enveloped in it, sustained by it, upheld and encouraged through it and hopeful because of it, for there is nothing that is able to cause even the slightest, momentary separation in our relationship with God. God’s love is an inseparable love.

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