The Light of the World Is Jesus

The Light of the World is Jesus

John 8:12-20

"I am the light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life."

To be in absolute darkness is paralyzing. When we are lost in a deep cave with no flicker of light, we soon become disoriented. A person loses all sense of direction and even the awareness of what is up or down. It paralyzes action for to take a step is bay result in the crash into a sharp rock wall or trip upon a rock on the ground or to step into an abyss where one would face certain death. All one can do is remain stationary until someone comes with a light to give direction and hope.

It is terrifying to be lost in a cave in darkness, but it is far worse to be lost in spiritual darkness. When we are engulfed in spiritual darkness, we have no spiritual direction. We have no moral compass to guide us. Just as in darkness, east becomes west, and up becomes down; in spiritual darkness, right becomes wrong, and wrong becomes right. Everywhere we turn, we see a society lost in the sightlessness of spiritual darkness. With no sense of moral direction, we are left with our own choices. However, options without light become a groping in the dark where people quickly fall into the abyss of moral chaos. This is evident all around us today. What was morally unthinkable to the previous generation has now become accepted and celebrated. The moral foundation upon which all society was built is not regarded as vile and corrupt. To hold to traditional, biblical values that have been the standard of ethical conduct for a moral and just society is now viewed as evil and hateful. In our new society, we see a growing intolerance for traditional Christianity and morality.

The moral chaos we see in society is just a reflection of the moral and spiritual confusion we have in our own lives. Individually we struggle to make sense of a world that seems to be fracturing at all levels. The more we embrace secularism, the more we find ourselves groping in the darkness for meaning and security. The more we follow the tenets of progressivism, the more we sense a moral bankruptcy. We want the freedom to embrace the pursuit of pleasure but only discover that the pleasure we pursue becomes a snare entrapping us in hopeless despair.

However, in the words of Jesus, we do find an answer. He is the light of the world. In Christ, we find solutions for societies' moral anarchy and hope for the personal emptiness we feel deep within us. He is the one who provides certainty in an uncertain world. He gives hope of eternal life in a world hellbent on its own destruction.

He is not just a light; He is THE light, the one and only light. Only in Him can we discover the connection with God that dwells deep within us, unfilled and empty. We were created in God's image, so a deep longing remains to know God. But the path to God is not traveled on multiple religious roads. There is only one way, only one person through whom we gain access to the Father, and that is through His Son. To know Jesus is to understand the Father; to reject Jesus is to reject the Father (verse 19). To accept Jesus is to be freed from the judgment of sin; to reject Jesus is to face the certainty of judgment (vs. 16). The choice then remains in us. To either turn to Jesus as the light of the world or to remain hopelessly lost in the darkness of our world.

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