The Kingdom of Light

The Kingdom of Light

Colossians 1:9-14

“For He rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son.”

For a child, darkness is terrifying. When night descends, there is no vision of what is forward or backward, up or down. Directions become meaningless as the child gropes about trying to find their way. They fear moving, for they do not know if they are walking away from danger or towards it. Each step taken may be into a deep chasm from which there is no escape. But even worse than not being able to see is the fear of the unknown. When a child is shrouded in darkness, they begin to imagine all kinds of terrible lurking behind the veil of what they cannot see. Sounds become amplified and terrifying as the smallest thump may be the silent footsteps of some awful monster descending upon them.

While we may outgrow our fear of the dark, there is still a darkness that brings fear and apprehension, which is the darkness of the world apart from God’s presence. Like a child, we become gripped with anxiety concerning the unknown terrors that might lurk in the future. Just as a child fears what they cannot see, so we fear the future because it too remains outside the realm of our sight. It is no wonder then that in the Scriptures, darkness becomes a symbol of fear, turmoil, and death itself. In Genesis 1:2, darkness symbolized a universe without order or form, a world of chaos and disorder. Especially in the poetic books of the bible (Psalm and Proverbs), it was often used to refer to that which is evil and hidden, a place of judgment where death reigns supreme. Darkness is a world apart from God and dominated by sin. A world without hope.

We sense the darkness about us every day as we live in a fear-riddled world. Because the future remains dark, we become apprehensive and fearful about what tomorrow may bring. Stand in a deep cave with no light, and the darkness is felt more than seen. So we feel the weight of spiritual darkness that resides about us. With every bump in the night (whether it be the threat of a pandemic pressing in upon us, the fear of the political winds, or the daily struggles of our individual life), we become anxious.

When Christ established his kingdom, he did so to take us from the domain of darkness and transfer us into his kingdom, which Paul compares to light in Colossians 1:12,13. While darkness is seen as foreboding, light becomes a symbol of salvation and clarity. This light is the person of Christ himself. John 8:12 states that Christ is the light of the world. He is the one who brings hope, confidence, and security to our life. Because he is light, his kingdom is a kingdom of life. It is one where there is hope and safety. A place where there is no fear; rather, there is joy and blessing

When we face the struggles of the day and life turns uncertain, we do not need to fear, for Christ is the one who brings us into His kingdom of life. Just as He brought light to the world, that is order and joy; He also brings light to our lives by bringing us into His kingdom. We still may not see the future, but in the light of His kingdom, he knows all things and orders all things according to His purpose. We may still not see what resides in the events of tomorrow, but we see Him, and that is enough.

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