The kingdom of God: The hope of the kingdom

The kingdom of God: The hope of the kingdom

Read Daniel 7:9-14, 27

“His dominion is an everlasting dominion which will not pass away; and His kingdom is one which will not be destroyed.”

It could arguably be said that the only time our country has been more divided was during the Civil War. Party sectarianism has split our country as each side accuses the other of conspiracies, distortion of truth, and a disregard for democracy in the pursuit of their own ideological agendas. But the division goes far deeper than just political dogmas. Our country is divided into conflicting views of morality and worldviews. While some point to the Judeo-Christian ethic, others point to a new morality where sexuality forms the basis for personal identity. Instead of moving towards racial unity, the country has become increasingly divided along racial lines. Conflicting views of the economy, environment, social justice, poverty, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the expression of religion in the workforce has led to riots in the streets of almost every major city as each side justifies their acts of violence as desperate acts needed to promote their view of political correctness while condemning the other as insurrection. Not only have these things divided the country, but they are now dividing churches.

In light of all these issues, it is easy to become discouraged and pessimistic about the future. When we turn on the news, it is easy to become fearful. However, even as we stand on the brink of despair regarding the state of our country, we are reminded that the story of God’s redemptive history does not end with evil winning the day. Instead, history is being directed by a sovereign God, orchestrating the events and culminating with Christ establishing his eternal kingdom in which he will reign with righteousness.

In the Book of Daniel, through a series of visions, God gives Daniel a glimpse into humanity's future history. Daniels's first reaction is one of fear and despair as it seems as if the world is destined to descend into moral destruction as godliness appears to win the day. The nations will rise against God, and the antichrist will gain power and seek to destroy the righteous. But just when it seems as if evil triumphs Christ returns to defeat evil and establish his kingdom. His dominion and kingdom will be eternal and indestructible.

When the Bible speaks of the kingdom of God, not only does this refer to the spiritual reign of Christ in the hearts of his people, but it also refers to the physical reign of Christ when he will establish his kingdom. This is the hope we have that enables us to rise above the despair of our day. No matter how much it may appear as if sin and lawlessness are triumphing today, their victory will be short-lived, for Christ is coming again! Sin will not win. Evil will not prevail, and the descent into moral chaos will not last. Christ will come and restore his moral order within the universe. That is our hope, and that is the message we have to share with the world. We do not need to hunker down in fear, but we can remain bold in our testimony, for Christ will triumph. When you start to get anxious because of the news and become fearful of the future, remember God has already ordained the future and he will bring his final salvation to the world.

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