The Kingdom of God and the Our Hope

The Kingdom of God and the Our Hope

Read Dan 7:9-18

“His dominion is an everlasting dominion Which will not pass away, and His kingdom will not be destroyed.”

Everyone agrees that we live in a broken world where the systems that govern our world are flawed. However, the problem is that we continue to look to the very politicians that have created the mess to find solutions. Democrats and Republicans both promote their candidates under the auspices that their elected officials will deliver the answers and solutions that seem so elusive to us. Yet, for all the hope that we put in our elected officials, the answers to the problems confronting the nation do not materialize. Instead, we are left more disillusioned and frustrated.

What is valid on a national level is equally true on a personal level. No matter how much we strive to discover answers for the problems we encounter in life, our concerns remain. We strive to overcome our difficulties in life with resolve and increased effort, only to fail over and over again, leading us to a conclusion what there is something intrinsically broken inside.

However, we are not hopeless, for Christ came not. Only to save us from the clutches of sin and its judgment but also to establish his kingdom. From the outset of his Ministry, Christ came proclaiming the kingdom of God. This kingdom refers to God's spiritual and physical rule, where all things are brought under his sovereign domain. It speaks of God's divine authority to rule over all creation. When Christ came, he came to subdue all that is hostile to God and establishing his kingdom. This kingdom is both spiritual and physical, but present and future. It is present and spiritual in that it involves the deliverance of people from the dominion of Satan and the salvation of people. It is future and literal in that it is realized at the 2nd coming of Christ when he will bring the total weight of his authority and establish an eternal kingdom on earth.

This eternal and future kingdom that Danial is prophesying will come at the end of the age. This then is the hope of God’s people. To accept Christ is not just to accept the salvation he offers to deliver us from the clutches of sin and its judgment; it is to submit to God’s sovereign rule in our life. We are not the masters of our destiny nor determine what is right and good for ourselves. Instead, we are to surrender to God’s rule in our life.

However, salvation wonders that in submitting to his rule in our lives, we discover that God not only brings us under His sovereign control, which is good and righteous, but we are then elevated to be part of the royal family. We now have the rights and authority of one who is integrated into the kingdom. We are now a royal priesthood.

This is what then gives us hope as we submit to Christ's authority over our life. As our king, he takes responsibility to care for us and provide for us. While we may not fully understand all that he does and why he does it, we can rest confident that he is acting on our behalf, orchestrating the events in our life with a divine purpose that is ultimately realized in his care for us. While politicians continually fail, God never does, and he will reward those who diligently seek him.

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