The Confession of Genuine Faith

The Confession of Genuine Faith

Read Luke 12:8-12

"Everyone who confesses me before men, the Son of Man will confess him also before the angels of God."

Christianity is never meant to be a silent faith, privately lived out in the confines of one's inner thoughts and beliefs but never publicly confessed. Instead, to become a disciple of Christ is to be transformed in such a way that our faith becomes real and visible in our life, actions, and confession. In this age of religious pluralism and increasing secularism, we are being told to be silent in public regarding what we believe. While we can hold firmly to our faith, it is to remain just that—personal and quiet. Our belief is not to govern public action, nor are we to give open verbal assent to our faith. We can believe what we want; just don't try to convert others. To do so is to be judgmental and exclusive. Instead, we are to value all religions equally as viable ways to reach God. For some, religion becomes dangerous when it is more than a provided matter. As a result, we have adopted a closet Christianity, one where we privately hold to our Christian faith, but we no longer make a public declaration of that faith.

Nevertheless, Christ pushes us in a different direction. Throughout the ministry of Christ, he calls upon us to not just believe in him but publicly declare our allegiance to him. To be a follower of Christ is to recognize that we are to make the proclamation and promotion of Christ our chief goal. So central is our testimony of Christ to our faith that Christ points out that it is the practical evidence of the genuineness of our faith. When Christ points to the necessity of confessing him before others, he is not stating this confession of our faith is necessary for salvation. Scripture is clear; we are saved solely based upon God's grace apart from any effort, work, or activity on our part. However, genuine faith is continually transforming faith. It changes our life and conduct, changes how we live, and changes the focus of our lives. No longer are we driven by our agenda and self-promotion. Instead, we are now governed by God's purpose and agenda for our life and the advancement of his redemptive program. To become part of Christ's Kingdom is to seek to promote the coming of his Kingdom. We are to pray "thy kingdom come" because we desire nothing more than to seek the establishment of Christ's rule in our lives and our world.

As disciples of Christ, the public confession of our faith should be as natural as talking about the latest sports game or current news, for our faith encompasses our whole life. In our confession, we are united to Christ and his message and purpose for all humanity. To become like Christ is to embrace his desire for people to come to him; it is to seize every opportunity to share our faith with others. Begin each day, not only with a request for God's protection and guidance but also the request for opportunities to share the reality of Christ to others and then trust in him to give you the right words to say with those opportunities arise (vs. 11).

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