Seeking God: Finding Perspective in Life

Seeking God: Finding Perspective in Life

Read: Ps. 27:1-14

“One thing I asked from the Lord, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.”

What is our prayer when we are facing struggles and adversity? David could fully relate to the turmoil that comes when life seems to press in about us. We see in this Psalm hints of the deep valleys of life he has traversed. He faced times when people unjustly sought his life and armies relentlessly pursued him with the sole purpose of taking his life (vs 3,6 and 1 Samuel 21-23). He faced rejection by his own family when they turned against him (vs 10 and 2 Samuel 15). He knew the pain of God’s heavy hand of discipline when the guilt of his sin was overwhelming (vs 9 and 2 Samuel 11). David had experienced times when those closest to him turned against him and betrayed him with false accusations (vs 12 and 2 Sam. 15:31). What gave him confidence and hope throughout these experiences was his trust in God. Even with all of David’s spiritual and moral failures, why did God affirm that David was a man after his own heart (1 Sam. 13:14)? How could David have such peace in the face of so overwhelming circumstances? The answer lies in David’s focus.

In these verses, we see the focus of David that distinguished him from others. What David desired more than anything was to be “in the house of the Lord all the days of his life and to behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate in His temple” (vs 4). His prayer was not that God would deliver him from all his problems but that he would allow him to spend his life in the temple in the worship of God.

For David, the worship and medication of scripture was his greatest delight and desire. For him, the greatest joy was to spend the day at the temple just reflecting on the intrinsic beauty of God’s nature and character. This is what distinguishes him from the rest. In our prayer, is our focus upon what we want God to do for us or on how we want God to reveal himself to us? To behold the beauty of the Lord captures the essence of worship. It is what brings perspective in life. To behold the beauty of the Lord is to contemplate and delight in the character and attributes of God for in so doing it brings delight to us. To delight in God is to reflect upon all the good things he has done for us and to reflect upon his character. This brings us back to our focus in life. When we focus upon the problems and struggles in life, the result is discouragement. When our focus is upon our circumstances, our problems become overwhelming. But David redirects his focus upon God. Because God is his delight and he meditates on the wonders of God’s activities, all the problems and troubles he faced in life become inconsequential.

Today as your mind wonders in times of mental inactivity, instead of directing your thoughts on the news and the problems of the day, direct your mind to contemplate the wonder and joy of God. When our God becomes big, our problems become small. As God reveals himself to you through his word look for his activity in your daily life. Make it your daily prayer to seek the delights of God’s character, for that is a prayer that God seeks in us and delights to answer (vs 8).

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