Prayer and the Divine Assurance

The Importance of Prayer: The Divine Assurance.

1 Peter 5:1-11

“Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He Cares for you.”

Pride undermines prayer. Pride elevates self and relies upon our own abilities and wisdom to navigate the world in which we live. Of all the things that can plague us, perhaps there is nothing worse than pride. Therefore, it is not surprising that Peter follows his exhortation to the leaders of the church with an exhortation to embrace humility. Humility is not only critical for leadership; it is essential to experience God’s grace (vs 5). It is this theme that serves to transition Peter’s discussion regarding leadership to his exhortation for believers to stand firm in the face of Satan’s assault and the persecution they are facing. The phrase “humble yourself under the mighty hand of God” takes us to the heart and centrality of humility in the Christian life. Spiritual humility is expressed through our willingness to submit to God’s directive, care, and protection. I’t the end, when we enter eternity, God will exalt us and give us a crown of glory. Because God controls our destiny and future, we are now in a position to cast our anxieties upon him.

The picture is dramatic. Is stead of worrying about our future we are to forcibly give up the control of our life to God, giving him responsibility for all our cares and worries. The word for worry speaks of those things which become a distraction in our spiritual life. It is used in Luke 10:41 to refer to Martha being distracted from what was truly important—to spend time with Jesus and serve him. Worries distract us from our true purpose—serving and living for Christ. We worry about our career trajectory. We become anxious about our financial stability. We become apprehensive regarding the political direction of our country. We fear the effects of adversity when it strikes. In light of these things, Peter reminds us to avoid these distractions and instead cast them upon Christ.

The reason you can confidently place your future and the direction of your life into the hands of Christ because he cares for you! There is irony in Peters statement that is missed in our English translations, for the word “worry” and the word “cares” come from the same word. This verse literally reads, “forcibly throw your concerns on him because it is a concern to him about you.” In other words, we matter to God and God is concerned when we face issues in life causing us to become anxious and concerned.dd.

This is the divine assurance we have. Not only is God aware of the events in our life, but he is deeply concerned about them. As a parent, I am not indifferent to what happens in the lives of my children. When they experience joy, it brings me joy. When they experience sorrow, it brings me sorrow. When they are facing struggles in their life, it causes me to be concerned and anxious. This is the picture Peter presents regarding God’s involvement in our life. God is not indifferent, for he deeply cares about us. While we are powerless to act, God is powerful and sufficient to act. Therefore, we can place our concerns upon him because he is concerned about us, and that concern drives his response to our needs. This is God’s divine assurance he gives to us. When you are facing situations that give rise to anxiety, instead of allowing it to become a distraction in your life, bring it before God and then rest in the fact that he will make it his concern.

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