Looking for Spiritual Solutions

Looking for Spiritual Solution

Read John 5:1-17

“Behold, you have become well; do not sin anymore.”

For 38 years, he came to the pool looking for healing to his physical ailments. For 38 years, he was carried away disappointed and hopeless. If only he could get into the pool when the angel stirred the water, then he would be healed of his physical paralysis, and life would return to normal, and he would find joy in life. But no one would help him when the waters stirred, and he remained in his condition.

On this day, it was different. An itinerate preacher named Jesus stopped and asked him if he wanted to be healed. However, instead of helping in the water, Jesus simply said, “Get up, pick up your pallet and walk .”And something remarkable happened, his crippled limbs suddenly moved had were empowered by a new strength, and he was able to stand. With joy, he began to dance and shout for joy. In the sudden rush of euphoria, he forgot about the preacher.

Later, while celebrating in the temple, he again encountered Jesus. However, Christ gave him a warning that confronted him with a deeper problem than his physical paralysis. Christ warned him to change his life and confronted him with his sin. While not all sicknesses, disease, and calamity comes from our sin, some do. Such was the case of this man. Evidently, his sickness was a result of sin. When our problems go beyond the physical, we need to recognize that we must have spiritual healing. We often pray for God to deliver us from calamities and difficulties in our lives. Yet we fail to acknowledge that it is not the change of circumstances we need; it is the change of heart. Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions, which can only come from renewing our relationship with God.

What is true of us as individuals are also true of our nation. We look at all the problems confronting our country (racial division, political turmoil, pandemics, economic instability, to name a few) we look for politicians and the government to provide solutions. But these are only symptoms of a far deeper problem plaguing our nation. The real problem is our rebellion and rejection of God. The problems point to a spiritual sickness that is corrupting the heart of our country. When a nation rejects the morality of God, when it rejects the biblical foundation of marriage, when it sacrifices its children to worship the gods of sexual pleasure, the nation must do more than a lot to the politicians to provide answers. It must seek the forgiveness and cleansing of God. Like the man at the Pool of Bethesda, we think physical healing is all we need. All we need is economic reform. All we need are changes in policies. But these will only mask the real issue—a spiritual sickness that needs spiritual solutions. Spiritual requires God’s intervention. To heal our nation we need to start by seeking God’s grace for our lives and our nation.

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