God's Wisdom in Salvation

God’s Wisdom in Salvation

Read 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

“God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.”

From man’s perspective the work and wisdom of God seems foolish for he often uses the most unexpected and unlikely ways and people to accomplish his eternal purpose. He uses death as a way of bringing life. He uses trials to strengthen faith and bring greater peace. He defines leadership by servanthood. He works through untrained and uneducated men to convey a message that would confound the greatest intellects throughout history. He calls upon sinful and broken individuals to convey his message of salvation. He elevates the last and debases the first. To truly find oneself we must give up ourselves. All of this serves to display the depth of his wisdom.

But the greatest demonstration of his wisdom is found the in the display of the folly (from man’s perspective) of the life and message of Christ. The idea truly is beyond our understanding: The God of the universe would pay for the sins he did not commit in order to save those who rebelled against him. In this, God placed his wisdom on full display. Paul states that Christ became to us the wisdom of God. That is, in Christ and his salvation we see the infinite wisdom of God who saw this one way as the only perfect way to bring about our salvation. By dying for us, Christ made our salvation possible. Any other way, any other means of salvation which places even some of the responsibility upon ourselves would be destined for failure, for we would never be able to fulfill our requirements no matter how small they might be. In the end we would never achieve salvation. The only option was for God to do the complete work for us. And this is what he did! This becomes the basis for our hope and joy. God has done it all for us. What an incredible promise this is. That we can enjoy the mercy and grace of God regardless of our past, for Christ fully satisfied the justice of God.

When we are going through times of difficulty it is easy to question God’s wisdom and to focus on the trials assaulting us. In the end we become discouraged and anxious. But the wisdom of the gospel lifts our perspective higher. It reminds us of two all-encompassing truths. First, God’s wisdom is always perfect even when it might seem foolish to us. The gospel of Christ may appear as foolishness to the wisest, but it is brilliant in its simplicity, scope and result. We can find comfort in the assurance of our salvation that is grounded in the work of Christ rather than our own efforts. Second, it serves as a reminder that God’s wisdom exceeds ours and that even when we do not understand why the events are happening, we have a God who is orchestrating the events in our own personal life in such a way that it achieves God’s best purpose for us. In these days, rather than complain about what is happening, rejoice in what God is doing. Spend time thanking him for his promise that he is using these events to achieve his perfect plan for you, a plan that begins with our salvation and end with an eternity spent with him.


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