Christ has power over all things.

Christ has power over all things.

Read Col. 1:13-20

“He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together.”

The issue of power and authority is increasingly being debated in our culture today. With the onslaught of Covid-19 and the current debates regarding the authority of law enforcement, the questions of who has what power and how they exercise that authority is increasingly being debated.

Along with these questions are the questions of power and authority regarding morality and public discourse regarding one’s faith. No longer is it accepted that the source for determining morality and the right to promote one’s faith openly is grounded in the authority of God and the Bible. Instead, power and authority are seen as residing in public belief and popular opinion. Morality and truth are no longer determined by and an outgrowth of God’s character and word. The vote of the majority does not even determine it. Instead, it is determined by who can control the narrative and who has the loudest voice. Central to this focus is the underlying belief that ultimately the individual has the final authority for their own life. For the world, there is no higher authority over me than me.

However, in Colossians 1:13-20, Paul reminds us that ultimate authority does not reside in each individual choice or even in the choices of society. Final authority resides in the person of Christ. When Paul states in verse 15 that Christ is the “firstborn of all creation,” he does not mean that Christ was the first created being. Instead, the word “firstborn” refers to his position of preeminence over all of creation. The issue is not one of time but position. In other words, the focus is upon His preeminence and sovereignty over all creation. This is further emphasized in verses 16-17, where Paul points out that Christ is the source of everything created in the universe, and he is the one who sustains all things. Therefore, he has authority over all governments and all individuals.

As we engage our world with the gospel, we face the pressure to conform our message to make it agreeable to the world in which we live or be silent. We are told that we can believe what we want as long as we keep it within the walls of our private lives and religious practices. This brings us back to the question of authority. Who has the authority to silence our message? The answer lies in this passage. The only one who has the authority is Christ Himself, for He is not only the head of the church, He also stands over all creation. As Christians, we must remain firm in our commitment to proclaim the gospel, for this is the command given to us by Christ. Any attempt to silence our message is an assault upon the power of Christ. We are not to allow the pressure of the world to quiet our testimony, for we have the authority of Christ behind us, and there is no higher authority than Him.

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