Christ has compassion for the lost.

Christ has compassion for the lost.

Read Luke 19:29-44

“When He approached Jerusalem, He saw the city and wept over it.”

When the God of the universe weeps, we should take notice. While the gospels repeatedly speak of Christ’s compassion, rarely does it speak of him weeping. In this case, what is even more surprising is why he wept and for whom he wept. The only other occasion where we find a specific mention of Jesus weeping is in John 11:35, when his close friend Lazarus had died and his two sisters, Mary and Martha, were in deep sorrow. These three individuals were incredibly close to Jesus, so, naturally, he would identify and be moved by their suffering, even though he knew he would raise Lazarus from the dead. On this occasion, he wept because those closest to him felt the full effects of a broken world.

However, here in Luke, the story is different. Jesus is not weeping for the people who were his followers; he was weeping over the very people who were going to clamor for his crucifixion. The word for weep is expressive. It is not just the inner sorrow one feels when one sees something tragic. It refers to the kind of weeping that involves crying freely and profusely from sadness and distress. It is to “cry one’s eyes out.” Instead of being angry and bitter towards those who reject him, Christ, in the depth of his love, weeps because of their brokenness and sin and their rejection of the salvation he offers. This presents a picture that the God of the universe weeps for those who are broken by sin and refuse to accept his salvation.

We live in a broken world. Each of us knows the full reality of the tragedy of sin. We see it daily in the news and our own lives. Yet this is the path we chose. Instead of embracing the forgiveness and grace of God, we repelled. Instead of embracing God’s purpose to reflect his image, we rebelled and instead tried to make God into our image. Instead of surrendering to his will, we desire to conform God to our will. The results are devastating. Instead of joy, we experience pain; instead of peace, we are enveloped by turmoil. But this was our choice and the result of our rebellion. It would be easy to understand if God turned his back in frustration and anger and left us to face the consequences of our own choices. Instead, he does the very opposite. He is moved with compassion, and so he makes salvation available through Christ. He brings restoration to those who embrace him and surrender their lives to him.

When you are confronted with the brokenness of your life and this world, understand that God is not indifferent. He weeps for you because of his intense longing to restore your life to his original purpose of reflecting on him. Today, accept the offer of salvation. Ask Christ to forgive your sin, heal your broken life, and restore and reflect his image in and through you. Daily surrender your life to him, and he will turn your tears of sorrow and anguish into tears of joy.

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