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Our vision is to have a ministry that proclaims the gospel of Christ in such a way that families are transformed and experiencing the reality of Christ in all aspects of life.  We especially seek to minister to families through our Sunday school, AWANA and youth programs.

Recent Sermons

Whether you missed a Sunday or you’re looking to listen again to the teaching of God’s Word, we hope you will enjoy the online sermon library.

Church Reconvening Strategy

Reconvening Strategy:

When we are together the following protocol will be followed:

  1. People will be asked to wear masks when attending the church and to wash or disinfect their hands when they arrive. We do have some cloth masks  and disposable masks available if you do not have one.

  2. People will be asked to maintain social distancing while in the building and respect others by doing so.  This will be accomplished by marking off the pews. We also ask that you maintain good social distancing while in the parking lot of the church as well. 

  3. People with secondary health issues risk and uncomfortable coming to a public service will be encouraged to stay home.  We will continue to provide a live service on the church web page for those who cannot or chose not to attend.

  4. If you are feeling sick (even if you think it is just allergies) we are asking that you remain home and join us via the live service on the church’s web page.

  5. Those who are at risk will be encouraged to gather in a small group with one or two other couples for fellowship and prayer.

  6. The board will continue to call and provide spiritual care for people by continuing to contact people on a regular basis.

  7. There will not be singing during the service. Instead, time will be spent in sharing prayer requests, praying together, and worshiping through the ministry of the word.  For the live service some “canned music’ will be used, but will not be broadcast on the online service due to copyright issues. 

  8. All doors will be kept open during the service to increase the flow of fresh air.

  9. If the attendance for the service reaches beyond 50% capacity of the sanctuary, making social distancing impossible, then some people will be asked to sit in the Sunday School class area where they may watch the service on the TV.

The church will continue to monitor the Covid-19 cases in Skamania County and will be prepared to go virtual again if the risks arise because of an upswing of Covid-19 cases. We recognize that the situation is ongoing and may involve some closures in the future if Covid-19 cases have another wave of infections, especially in the Portland-Vancouver-Stevenson area.


We recognize that this remains a very unusual time and that there are many different opinions regarding the threat and response to the Covid-19 situation.  We ask that you join us in prayer for the physical and spiritual protection for the church and that we maintain the unity of the church by being respectful of others and by following the guidelines set forth by the Elder Board.

Pastor Daman and The Elder Board

Coronavirus Response Message
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Live Streaming 

Sunday Service 

10 a.m.


252 Roosevelt St, Stevenson, WA


(509) 427-8342


Awana Suspended due to Coronavirus.

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.



Thriving in the Midst of Adversity Series

10:45 A.M

The service is online live  and available on Facebook. 

Adult Sunday school Series: Old Testament Survey

9:00 a.m.

The class will be online live Sunday Mornings at: (to be announced)

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