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Coronavirus Response Message
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To join the  Sunday Service  Hit the Joint Meeting link below

Meeting number (access code): 628 699 658

Meeting password: RCC!

Host key: 174324


Occurs every Sunday effective Sunday, March 29, 2020 until Sunday, May 31, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, (UTC-07:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

10:00 am  |  (UTC-07:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)  |  2 hrs


Join meeting


Join by phone

Tap to call in from a mobile device (attendees only)

+1-650-215-5226 United States Toll

Global call-in numbers

RCC Family,


As Pastor Glenn has mentioned in his earlier messages, I am working to setup video conferencing for our Sunday services. After looking at the available options, I settled on WebEx from Cisco. WebEx will give our congregation several options for joining the service:


1.       Join a video conference using your computer (Windows or Macintosh)

2.       Join a video conference using your smart phone or tablet (Apple or Android)

3.       Join just the audio portion of the service over any phone (this is a long distance call)


In all of these options, you will be able to listen and speak to the group. If none of these work for you, then as Glenn said we will have MP3 players available to listen to the recording of the service.


If you will be using the MP3 player, please contact Glenn to make sure he has your name on the list of MP3 users and you can ignore the rest of this mail.


If you are an experienced WebEx user, you can ignore the remainder of this e-mail except for the meeting information which is below.


First, here is the key information that you will need to join the meeting (keep this available):


Occurs every Sunday effective Sunday, March 22, 2020 until Sunday, April 26, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM


Dial-in number: (650) 215-5226 


Meeting number (access code): 144 512 107


Meeting password: FirstJohn



From this point forward, I will assume that you are new to WebEx and that you need to install the WebEx application on your computer or other device. For all but the dial-in only option, you will have to install the WebEx software on your computer, smart phone or tablet. I would suggest that if you can, please do this setup before Sunday morning. I have provided some general instructions for installing this application depending upon the device you are using.


Now, Let me go through the various options and the setup for each. Choose the option appropriate for you:



1: Join a video conference using your computer – Windows or Macintosh

2: Join a video conference using your smart phone or tablet - Apple or Android


After I send this e-mail out, I will be sending  a meeting invitation through WebEx that will come from “River Christian Church <>” and have a subject of “WebEx meeting invitation: RCC Sunday Service”. In this e-mail invitation, there is a button “Join meeting”. Pressing this button will install the necessary WebEx application on your device. 


The application will go through a couple of screens asking for your name and e-mail. These are for identification purposes and will allow us to know who had joined the service.  Also, if you have a video camera attached to your computer, phone or tablet, it will make that available. I request that all video be disabled except for what we send from the church. This will help save bandwidth.


You should be able to join the service  using your internet connection for both the audio and video. If for any reason the audio is poor or difficult to understand, you will have to change the audio option and use a phone to dial into the service.  To choose between the audio options there will be a menu “Audio” opening this menu will give you all of the options that are available to you. 



3: Join just the audio portion of the service over any phone

WARNING:  This phone call is a long distance toll call! So unless your phone service has unlimited long distance calling (like most cell phone plans), you may want to reconsider using this option.


From a setup perspective, this is the easiest of the options to join the service.

At 10am on Sunday, do the following:


1)    Dial the WebEx Dial-in number:  (650) 215-5226

2)    WebEx ask you for the meeting number. 
On the keypad, enter:  144 512 107 #

3)    WebEx will then ask you for an attendee number. Press: #

4)    At this point, you will be in the audio portion of the meeting.

To the Congregation of River Christian Church

From the Elder

To the Congregation of River Christian Church

From the Elder Board:




            We are living in very unusual times, we also recognize that the coronavirus is a real health concern, especially for those who are at risk because of other health issues.  While we are not closing the church (I will be in my office during normal business hours), we do believe that it is advisable for us to avoid public meetings where there are larger crowds.  Because of this we have decided to stop having any public meetings until the end of April (although this date remains fluid and can be changed depending on the course the illness takes) and we instead will focus on online messages and personal interaction. 

Reason for the decision:

  1. In the Scriptures, provisions were made for isolating individuals who might have a contagious disease.  Scriptures point out that there are times when extraordinary measures are necessary to protect the health of the whole community.  We believe that this is one such time.

  2. Recommendation of the US and State officials to close all public events and gatherings (such as schools, conferences etc).  While not specifically stating churches, the rational would certainly fit church gatherings as well. As part of have a good reputation without, we believe that this is one of the ways to show our concern for others and our obedience to governmental authorities. 

  3. We are a congregation largely consisting of those who are most at risk to the coronavirus, therefore we believe we should error on the side of caution regarding this health concern.   

  4. We are not only to be concerned about protecting ourselves from exposure to the virus, but also exposing others who are more at risk.

  5. Because it is possible to spread the illness without even having symptoms of the sickness, we believe we should be extra caution.

  6. Medical experts have advised that social distancing (restricting the amount of personal, face to face, interactions with others) is an important part of slowing the spread of the illness.

  7. Medical experts are recommending that we do what we can to lengthen the curve of the growth of the illness in order to keep from overloading the healthcare system. 

Actions by the church:

  1.  We will be having a live on-line service every Sunday via Facebook live and the church website.  You will receive an email later on in the week that will provide the details on how to link up during that time. We recognize that this is uncharted waters, so we ask your patience as we get this set up. 

  2. While we are not having a church gathering, the church will remain open.  The pastor will continue to be in his office and be available for counseling and assistance to people.  

  3. During this time, to provide spiritual care for the congregation, the board and pastor are committed to contact everyone during the week to provide encourage, spiritual guidance and prayer. 

  4. During the week we will also be sending out devotionals to help to encourage you during this time. 

  5. While restricting group gatherings we would encourage you to also support one another through telephone conversations as well as personal interaction, just remember to be careful and prudent in those interactions.

  6. We will continue to give you updates as we develop this new aspect of ministry.

Responsibilities of the congregation:

During this time, we recognize that it will place some strain upon the church family, to offset that we are asking each of you to be committed to the following:

  1. Prayer: To daily pray for one another.  As during any time of stress, we need to be committed to one another to pray and encourage one another.  We are asking that each of you be more intentional and committed to do pray for others within the church and to call and encourage one another.

  2. Fellowship: Spend time in fellowship with others.  While we are recommending avoiding large crowds at this point, we do want to encourage you to get together with one another during this time. But we recommend that you do so in small groups (2-3 families).  For Sunday, get together with one other couple and watch the video together and then have a meal together. 

  3. Spiritual Disciplines: To be committed and disciplined to spend time in the word.  While we all need to be in the scriptures, we need to be even more committed in the present circumstances.

  4. Commitment:  We are also encouraging you to remain committed to the church family.  While this is a spiritually stressful time it can become easy to drift away from the church by stop going to church or “church hunting.”  We are asking each of you to make a commitment to remain steadfast in your participation in the church and faithful in your loyalty to this church family. This will take intentional action on your part to be faithful in “attending” the online services we will be providing. 

  5. Support: Remain committed to continue to support the church financially. Since the church will not be meeting and will not be having a weekly offering, we are asking you to continue to support the church by sending your donation to the church or by dropping your donation off at the church office. 

Trust: Recognize that this is both a time of spiritual testing as well as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Fellowship is a critical part of our spiritual growth and during this time we will miss the gather together and Satan can use our separation as a time for spiritual attack. Yet it is a time when we can grow spiritually as we rest completely upon God and develop deeper spiritual disciplines within our life and make different forms of fellowship a priority.

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